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UCCL statement following the Extraordinary General Meeting


On 29th May an Extraordinary General Meeting was held between the UCCL and managers from all clubs to discuss and agree on the resolution of the current football season.

The FAW and the Community Game Board had previously decided that once a solution had been confirmed for Tiers 1-4 on how to conclude the 219/20 season then recreational football in the county would follow suit. As a result, on the 19th May, FAW and WWFA announced that all adult recreational football has been curtailed with league standings for the 2019/20 season finalised via a points per game method.

The UCCL Committee and club managers have discussed and approved the proposals put forward by WWFA. Alternative arrangements were considered by the Committee prior to submitting to managers, however, it was the unanimous decision that as the league fits within the FAW and WWFA structures it should follow the guidance laid out by our governing body. It was also considered that completion of the season would not be feasible due to uncertainty regarding dates for resuming recreational football, potential changes of personnel within clubs, organisational difficulties scheduling a limited season and administration challenges for doing so within the COMET system.

As a result of this decision the UCCL Committee and Club Managers agreed to award the 2019-20 title to Bethel FC as the club with the highest points per game ratio.

As a result of the 2019-20 seasons closure all football activity is curtailed until we are in a position to announce the commencement of next season. This will only happen when Welsh football governing bodies advise it is safe to do so.  As there is no clear indication of when this is likely to happen please await future announcements on either the league website or social media platforms.

Following agreement at the EGM it is the Committees hope that we may be able to complete the 2019/20 Cup and Plate competitions prior to the start of the new season. Proposals were put forward to hold a reduced pre-season with the aim of holding the semi-finals and then finals during the two weeks preceding the new seasons first fixtures. We believe that holding the Cup and Plate Finals as a season opener is logistically possible due to the limited number of fixtures. It will be an exciting opportunity for the remaining clubs and a chance to celebrate the safe resumption of the UCCL together.

The EGM also discussed the expanded use of COMET from just staff and player registration to fixture administration. When footballing activities resuming it will be an FAW requirement that all club match administration is conducted through the COMET system. UCCL clubs will therefore need to record fixture details, match officials, players participating, scorers and match cautions through the system. Referees will be required to use COMET for all UCCL fixtures in future seasons as well. If you have any questions regarding this expanded use please contact your club manager.

At the end of the meeting it was also announced that Adam Hewings will step down from position of Chair with immediate effect. Adam had originally taken the position temporarily four years ago when a Chair was unable to be found. We are grateful to Adam for his service to the league and are glad that he has agreed to stay on the Committee in an alternative role. Following a vote by Club Managers present Chris Bullock was installed as UCCL Chair and we pray God’s blessing on this appointment and that we may all support Chris in his new role.