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News Report

UCCL league and cup registration fees announced


In preparation for commencement of the 2020/21 season the UCCL Committee have been discussing league registration fees and what levels of income are required for short to medium term sustainability.

The primary use of league registration fees is to fund the cup finals day, division winners’ trophies and medals, league running costs and establishing a reserve to cover any contingencies, including the reduction of teams within the UCCL. Due to the exceptional circumstances this season we will incur double costs for the cup finals days as we hold one as the curtain raiser to decide last years winners and then the traditional end of season event in May 2021.

In advance of COMET’s introduction during summer 2019 FAW surveyed clubs across Wales to establish average league registration fees, with the aim of implementing a mandatory maximum fee chargeable across all different area associations. This has been set on COMET as £50 and £10, for league and cup respectively, within the UCCL. In past years the fees collected have been significantly greater. Due to the small number of teams playing in our league, compared to other competitions across Wales, this reduced income created by these mandatory COMET fee levels will have a significant impact. We do receive additional income from a proportion of player registration fees. However, this source of revenue has only been in place for one season and we are uncertain how much will be generated this year due to the impact on player participation levels caused by Corona Virus and its economic effects.

As a result, for the 2020/21 season, the Committee would like to propose a registration top-up fee of £50 is paid by each club, direct to the UCCL bank account, in addition to the COMET registration fees. This will need to be paid before this season commences. This idea was first proposed, and agreed in principle, during the AGM held at the start of the 2019/20 season when the FAW were first consulting on proposals. At the end of this year we will have a better picture of the financial landscape and could either maintain, reduce or abolish this top-up payment in future seasons, following club consultations.

Therefore, please can all club managers ensure that:

  • COMET UCCL league (£50) and cup (£10) registrations are paid in time for the FAW deadline of 31st August.
  • The top-up registration payment of £50 is paid direct to the UCCL by Friday 11th September. Clubs will not be able to play fixtures until this payment is made. Payment should be made to the league bank account (sort code 30-98-97, account number 76120968). Please insert your teams name as the payment reference.