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News Report

Timeline for the return of competitive fixtures


On Wednesday 16th September FAW provided the UCCL with an update on the timeline for the return of competitive fixtures as part of Phase Three of the Safer Return Protocol.

The key dates announced by FAW are as follows:

  • 5th October - Intra-squad matches of 11 versus 11.
  • 19th October - Friendlies will be allowed between teams from within the UCCL
  • 14th November - Potential league commencement

Any local lockdowns must be adhered to at all times. If any local authority area is under lockdown clubs will be restricted to playing only those UCCL clubs also located within the same area. Restrictions also apply to the fielding of players located within those areas. Clubs from outside of a lockdown area should not field those residing in areas under restricted movement.

Please note that the COVID 19 situation is rapidly changing and there may well be further restirctions or changes to these timelines in the coming weeks.

Some UCCL clubs are still to submit their completed COVID 19 risk assessments to the UCCL. Clubs are reminded that completion of these risk assessments are a requirement of the FAWs allowance for the resumption of training. A clubs public and private liability insurance, provided by the FAW, will be invalidated should the Safer Return Protocol requirements not be followed in full. Club managers must send their completed risk assessments, prior to their next training session, to

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