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News Report

FAW announce phased return of football has entered Phase 2.


On Monday 10th August FAW announced the phased return of football had entered Phase 2. All clubs must complete the appropriate protocol admin and submit to the FAW and UCCL as detailed in this update.

Clubs can now train in groups of 15 and contact training can be re-introduced. The group of fifteen includes a maximum of 14 players and a minimum of one coach. The total number of groups allowed on a training area is two, meaning a maximum of 28 players plus coaches.

In line with Welsh Government guidelines adult players are still required to socially distance before and after training and during breaks. The detailed protocol for training and the completed COVID-19 risk assessment should be circulated to each clubs members in advance of their return.

Matches are still not permitted to take place. The FAW’s phased return of football detailed in the Safer Return to Training protocol document identified that matches cannot be played until Phase 3 at the earliest.

Updated FAW resources to reflect amended phase 2 protocols are available at

Please can all managers ensure they have completed the online 'Club COVID Checklist' on the FAWs website (see link above) and send confirmation to the UCCL once done. This is the second item down in the COVID guidance documents. You should receive a reply from FAW once this is completed and you've been approved to return to training. Please can all clubs also send their completed 'Risk Assessments' (third item down in the COVID documents) to the UCCL immediately on your return to training. These risk assessments will need to be updated by clubs at key points but only the initial assessment, on first returning to training, will need to be sent to the league. The risk assessments should be emailed to

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